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Ben Burnett

University of Lethbridge
Lethbridge, Alberta
I was originally born in New Zealand (I’ve yet to the get the appropriate license from the Chinese Government to reincarnate, so I have to pretend, for now, that I’m not just in a cycle: that I truly started in New Zealand… so let’s keep this between us), but retain no accent, because I spent a great deal of my time growing up in Mexico. We--me and my family-- lived there for about 9 years. The greater part of my youth was (mis)spent in Canada (not to imply I don’t like the country, I just did very little), so I doubt I sound like I'm from any place in particular. I recently moved back to the US, where supposedly I lived for 18 months when I was 3. I, however, can’t remember any of this, so I can’t really do anything but take my parent’s on their word on it. Fortunately, we don’t have any of those so called "trust issues"… anymore.

While in Canada I have travel to a few, including BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Québec. However, I have only ever lived in Alberta -- *all* over Alberta.. From Lethbridge to Calgary and even Fort McMurray: I have seen most of what the province has to offer: cold weather and unusually friendly and courteous people. Hey Canadians, I’m right in that, eh?

I recently completed my degree at the University of Lethbridge (which I dearly miss), majoring in Computer Science, and unofficially majoring in Psychology and Philosophy. I now work for the University of Wisconsin at Madison, in the Computer Sciences Department (Formerly the Computer Sciences and Statistics Department, but they gave the statisticians the boot for reasons I have yet to establish… but I’ll keep you posted, if anyone is truly listening, or reading, if you are not synesthetic). I work as a Systems Analyst on the Condor Project which concentrates on "develop[ing], implement[ing], deploy[ing], and evaluate[ing] mechanisms and policies that support High Throughput Computing (HTC) [on commodity hardware] " (read: I write code, on a computer--sometime two or three-- and answer questions about the code of other and that which I’ve written. I also answer general questions about the software, my curious accent and quaint use of the use of the letter 'u' in words, such as in the case of colour [which, even as we speak, is upsetting my word processor]).