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Universidad delas Ciencias Informáticas
La Habana, Cuba
My name is Sonia García Alvarez, I’m Assistant Professor at the University of Informatics Sciences since 2002, in Havana city. I teach English and I studied French too, for two years. I have recently presented my thesis on designing teaching tasks to develop students’ communicative skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing in Moodle workshop, version 1.912. I love computing and languages. I mostly work in designing courses of different foreign languages. In my opinion my job is quite interesting because it is a challenge to use technologies in order to develop the students' communicative skills. I'm very happy to share this experience with you this time, but I could only participate online because I cannot afford my trip to Canada. I’m sure, we´ll have a good time!

You may contact me by email: salvarez@uci.cu or in facebook or just call me: (53)53994589